VENUE: ESPRESSO ROYALE: 1117 W Oregon St, Urbana, IL 61801

Champaign-Urbana has a strong literary tradition spanning decades from The Red Herring Poetry Workshop through today’s CU Poetry Group as well as many other community poets and poetry groups. Pygmalion Literature Poetry Marathon is a gathering of 28 poets over two nights doing what they love to do – sharing their work, their passion, their poems in public. These poets have been selected on the basis of their work and stage presence.

CU Poetry Group is a weekly workshop for community poets dedicated to keeping poetry visible in Champaign-Urbana through public readings, poetry contests, and community outreach. 


5:00 John Palen
5:30 Patricia Simpson
6:00 Emily Kerlin
6:15/6:30 Vicky Sabas/Roberto Sabas
7:00 Rachel Lauren Storm
7:30 Vern Fein
8:00 Molly McLay
8:30 Kathy Robinson
9:00 Kathleen Peterson
9:30 William Gillespie
10:00 Lily Robertson
10:15/10:30 Shaya Robinson/Kelsi Miller
11:00 A. Loudermilk


5:00 Jim O’Brien
5:30 Ja Nelle Pleasure
6:00 Dillon Tracy
6:30/6:45 Sierra Maniates/ Victor Fein
7:00/7:15 Sherri Daley/Ann Hart
7:30 Marva Nelson
8:00 Elizabeth Majerus
8:30 Kerry Wilson
9:00 Michael Peirson
9:30 Robert Manaster
10:00 Brynne Velia
10:30 Kelsi Miller
11:00 Siggi Schroth